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If you are thinking of selling your home, you have come to the right place. Dwight and the rest of the Realty Associates Team sell more home each year than any other real estate office. Selling a home and netting the most money in today's market requires a thorough knowledge of what makes a home sell along with an effective marketing plan that brings your home to the attention of buyers and their agents.

Selling a home successfully today requires 3 steps. One of those steps is a good marketing plan. A good marketing plan has two purposes, first to point out the attractive features of your property and second, to bring your property to the attention of the buying public and to other agents working with buyers.

To create a good marketing plan, you must go where the buyers are looking. In today’s market, nearly every buyer is starting their home search on the Internet. In previous years, buyers only had the choice of newspapers and ads in homes magazines. While some real estate firms still hang onto their coveted newspaper ads, they are no match for online advertising. Why would a buyer spend time going through the paper looking at small photos of home exteriors, when they can go on the Internet and get inside photos, room sizes, directions, maps and more.

Dwight’s marketing plan embraces the power of the Internet with Email, the MLS, National Websites, Video, Virtual Tours, Individual Property Websites and more. When Dwight enters a listing on the Internet, it can be found from 1,000’s of other locations on the Web. Dwight will use high quality photographs to showcase your home on the Web and in brochures. Properties that show well on the Internet and in brochures are the ones that attract buyers and their agents and therefore generate interest which leads to faster sales. For more information on Dwight’s System that Sells, click here

The other two steps required to sell a home involve pricing and the overall appeal of the property. To help you determine the value of your home, Dwight will arm you with facts and figures based on the current competition and prior sales of homes in your area. Dwight will show you how pricing your home in one way can net you more money than another way.

Dwight will also preview your home and discuss with you any adjustments you may need to make the home more attractive. This is necessary because you have gotten used to living in your home and may not realize how some changes can bring a higher price or make the home more appealing to buyers.

If your home shows well, is priced right and is marketed with Dwight's Selling System, it should sell just fine.