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Kingwood Video

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The Kingwood video was created by the developer of Kingwood showing the sights and sounds of this beautiful area.  Relax for a few minutes and enjoy.

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Clip from "Tin Cup" Movie

The final golf course scenes in the movie "Tin Cup"  were filmed in Kingwood at the Clubs of Kingwood.  The stars of the movie were Kevin Costner, Don Johnson, Rene Russo and Cheech Marin.


The scene shown here was filmed on one of the Kingwood courses. May have some strong language.

"One Day in Houston" Video

Houston is a diverse and exciting city on the move.  It's the 4th largest city in the U.S., yet it is No. 1 in many areas. Houston is a great place to live with a cost of living lower than other Major Metropolitan areas, but is equal or better when it comes to employment, medical, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Watch the video to learn more.