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In order to get the best offer on your home, it needs to be appealing to buyers and make a great first impression.

The one thing that you must realize....  homes that are clean, well polished and in good condition will generally be the first ones sold.

If your home is run down and needs repairs, it will stay on the market longer and usually sell at well below the market value.  When buyers see homes that need updating and repairs, they rarely make an offer.  When they do make an offer, they tend to make a low offer.

An attractive home in good condition will also get more showings.  Buyers and their agents will be viewing the homes online and the nicer ones will get more attention.

CALL DWIGHT FOR HELP!  When you are ready to sell your home, give Dwight a call to get an opinion of your home's value and what you need to do to prepare the home for selling and to obtain a higher price.

Dwight will tour your home with you and point out any areas that need improvement and show you ways to make a great first impression.

It's easy to do.  Simply call Dwight at (281) 360-2214 and get started.


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