Presented by Dwight Wimberly / Realty Associates

When you look at the business of real estate companies, it appears they are all the same.  They all use the same Multiple Listing System.  They all use the same Contract Forms, and they all use the same type of Signs and Lock Boxes.  If you looked at a real estate magazine, all of the ads would look basically the same.

With agents from all companies using the same systems and vendors, it is difficult to see any difference in the service they provide and how you, the customer, will benefit.

The difference comes down to the individual effort of the agent themselves.  If one single real estate company or brand name created a better solution for home buyers and sellers, then all the agents would move there and only one company would exist.

 Choose an agent that goes the extra mile and makes the extra effort.  Dwight is that kind of agent.

When you are selling your home, Dwight makes the extra effort in his marketing system to be sure your home stands out and gets noticed.

When you are buying, Dwight not only works with you to find the home you want, but also analyzes the value of the home as a long term investment.

Helping people when they are buying or selling real estate is an important time in their lives and a responsibility Dwight takes very seriously.  Dwight is honest, ethical and trustworthy and truly loves his profession.

Dwight believes in hard work and strives to be the best.  He makes a constant effort to stay on top of market conditions, maintain communication with clients and obtain the desired results.




Why You Should Choose Dwight